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Ranging from 55 to inches, these amazing TVs—the best Samsung has ever produced—are now over a thousand dollars off on Amazon.

So if you want the best home theater set up, now may be the time to upgrade. Remember back when Game of Thrones fans complained about not being able to see the scenes filmed at night? The Quantum Dot technology delivers more most realistic images with a fuller color spectrum—so you can clearly see the lightest whites and darkest blacks.

The best 4K TV deals in the UK this week: LG, Philips, Hisense, Panasonic, and more

Samsung has also put some thought into how these TVs look while turned off. They all feature the same quantum dot technology as the 8K QLED models, just with a lower resolution.

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The Q60 series is similar to the Q, minus the 8K resolution. These models still feature Ambient Mode and all of the smart TV features like the universal guide, voice control, and the SmartThings app. Type keyword s to search. Improved local dimming, and wider viewing angles also play their part, resulting in some seriously impressive images.

Buying Powerful and Cheap TVs

That means you can watch HDR just as the content creators intended, without having to compromise. It scored a perfect ten in our review, so is it any wonder that it's still our most recommended TV? This is yet another cracking mid-range 4K TV from Samsung that delivers a winning combination of performance and price.

The TV is made to a price point, but it looks attractive and includes a well-designed remote control. The sound quality is surprisingly good for a TV this thin, and the 18ms input lag is great news for gamers, as is the support for VRR variable refresh rate.

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The use of edge LED lighting rather than the more precise direct alternative does result in some blooming, and blacks can sometimes look a little grey. Panasonic has always prided itself on the accuracy of the images produced by its TVs. There are beautifully defined colours and plenty of details in the shadows, while the addition of the Dynamic Scene Optimiser feature helps boost the HDR performance. The Panasonic FZ is hard to fault, with the lack of Dolby Vision support being our only real complaint. And what a picture it is, with inky blacks, natural colours, and astonishing levels of detail.

You can tune the speakers using the microphone in the remote, and the AI analyses the audio to optimise the sound quality. It can even upscale 2-channel to 5. As a result the C9 is not only one of the best looking, but also the smartest TV you can buy.

Most TVs find displaying sport quite a challenge. Aside from this, though, the 75XF is pure sporting heaven. Pros: Sports feel life-sized; class-leading motion processing Cons: Android TV is a chore; viewing angles are limited.

Samsung 8K QLED TV Deals - The Best Samsung TVs on Sale at Amazon

Once you add in direct lighting, highly effective local dimming, and a wide range of colours, it results in some of the best images seen on a TV to date — regardless of whether it uses LCD or OLED technology. There is the occasional hint of blooming in scenes with a bright object against a dark background, but for the most part the local dimming is exceptional. The benefits of quantum dot ensure a very wide colour spectrum, resulting in the best and most accurate HDR images that we have ever experienced.

Pros: Spectacularly bright and colourful images; highly effective screen filter; wider viewing angles; comprehensive smart platform Cons: No Dolby Vision support.