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Black Friday!

According to this website there have been a total of 12 deaths and injuries at Black Friday events over the last 13 years. The popular Black Friday history myth states that Southern plantation owners would buy slaves at a discount the day after Thanksgiving.

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This is purely a myth and has no basis in fact. Source History. This depends on your wish list but for us tech enthusiasts there is always a great deal to be had. For Black Friday we feature the best software and digital marketing tools for startups. We also will have a list of technology and gear at rock bottom prices.

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Black Friday : Black Friday is another name for the stock market crash of Take advantage of a year long black friday page and collect interested email addresses for doing an email blast when your sale goes live. Is Black Friday a holiday?

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In the USA it is a public holiday for more than 20 states. Now that you are an expert in Black Friday myth and fact, sign up here to get the best tech deals delivered to you by email.

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Because doing Black Friday online is so much better than having to hustle the crowds. All Black Friday purchases made from this list qualify for our legendary buy one get one free bonus plugin offer. Please log in again. Since the kids refuse to commit to one machine, the army ends up being sundered.

Sir Kyle is shocked to see his friend Sir Stan joining the PS4 army, preferring the console's touchpad interface over Xbox One's all-in-one entertainment features.

That night, Randy comes home from work, only to be confronted by Sharon. Randy continues to insist that he's only working a temp job in security to make holiday money, but when Sharon accuses him using the job to get to the front of the line on Black Friday, Randy reluctantly admits to this, saying that nobody else has thought of that idea.

Sharon tells him that the purpose of Black Friday is to buy things for other people, not for yourself.

Randy, however, will have none of it. Meanwhile, Cartman reluctantly negotiates with the Star Trek kids to join his Xbox One army, then tells Kyle that winning Stan back to their side is a lost cause, saying that they'll have to expand their army in order to "out- Game of Thrones him". At this point, Butters rants about the show's emphasis on gay wieners over dragons, noting how straight wieners aren't as erect.

Over at the mall, the security guards recieve news about a new "Stop-Touching-Me Elmo " doll being released in time for Black Friday. To their horror, they discover shoppers already lining up outside for the Black Friday sales. Of course, the Goth Kids want to get PS4s because they're blacker, but they want to wait until they are cheaper and more available.

Stan argues that if the Goths wait it out, then they risk the new Xboxes becoming the standard, but the Goths don't care. That night, Cartman takes Lady McCormick to the Garden of Andros, telling "her" that Kyle may switch to the PS4 side, and that she'll have to use her influence over the others to take care of him if that happens. It is then revealed that the garden is owned by an old man, who is growing intolerant of the kids having talks of betrayal in it.

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At the mall, Randy is checking out the electronics store, wondering what to get for Black Friday. Old Cap visits him and assumes that the reason Randy took this part-time job is because he actually cares about people. The old security chief tells him that he lost his son years ago, and that he promised his wife that this will be the last Black Friday he worked.

Meanwhile, Stan is informed that Cartman's army is outnumbering his own with more alliances, and that the Vampire Kids are still undecided on the console of their choice. The PS4 kids are giving up hope in making their system the standard, but Stan asks what would they do in their Darkest Hour on Game of Thrones.

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In response, Sony announces the "Brack Friday Bunduru" for the PlayStation 4, which includes four controllers, a map of Japan, a hundred dollar rebate, and an automatic pre-order for Metal Gear Solid V. As the line of Black Friday shoppers accumulates at the mall, Randy informs them that the mall will not allow them to line up until Thanksgiving night.

As the crowd goes berzerk at this news, Old Cap tries to break them up, only to get stabbed by a shopper. Old Cap, convinced that Randy now understands how serious the situation is, passes his duties over to him, as well as his scar. Randy then takes charge of the guards.